About Us

Vote Australia is an incorporated association under NSW law. Our members and management committee are all eligible voters under Australian electoral law.

For over twenty years, the people of Vote Australia have been committed to helping Australians realise and exercise their rights to choose their elected representatives effectively. It believes that citizen voters will benefit by being engaged in the electoral process in order to make informed decisions at the ballot box.

In our democracy the Constitution implies the right of citizens of voting age to choose their elected representatives. Vote Australia believes citizens must have confidence in both the electoral system and the manner in which it is conducted, so that even if they do not agree with the result of an election they will have confidence that it was conducted fairly, and that the result accurately reflects the decisions of the majority of voters, free of corrupting or foreign influences.

Vote Australia continually works to:

  1. Develop educational resources to help Australians understand electoral rules and procedures that affect them, and understand the election results.
  2. Promote access and equity for individuals and cohorts of Australian who struggle to understand and effectively exercise their rights as citizen electors.
  3. Encourage citizen engagement in the electoral process.
  4. Contribute to, and promote public discussion for continuous improvement of Australian electoral processes, with respect to established instruments protecting the rights of all eligible citizen electors.


Add your name and let’s keep Australian elections free and fair.