About Us

They expect free and fair elections

Vote Australia reckons a strong democracy is underpinned by a free and fair voting system.

Vote Australia champions the rights of honest citizens to participate in elections conducted honestly and fairly and which produce results that Australians can trust.

To achieve this, Vote Australia is:

  • conducting research into electoral systems in Australia
  • informing the Australian public about electoral systems in Australia
  • informing stakeholders about alternative elections processes that can improve the integrity of Australian elections
  • drawing attention to critical issues relating to electoral fraud, and
  • lobbying state and federal governments on behalf of fair-minded Australians to reform our laws to prevent vote fraud.

Vote Australia is an incorporated not-for-profit entity registered in New South Wales.  Vote Australia in no way condones or encourages people to break Australian laws. Vote Australia is not affiliated with any political party or organisation and receives no funding from government or from any other organisation. It is funded entirely by public donation and staffed by volunteers. 

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