Experts To Highlight Ongoing Problems With Australian Elections

How fair is it that some people get to vote twice or three times or more in an election and have their votes counted? How and why can they get away with multiple-voting when it’s a crime? 

These and other questions will be discussed at Australia’s first National Conference on Electoral Reform at the parliament of New South Wales in Sydney on 2 August 2017.

Electoral reform advocacy group, Vote Australia (formerly Australians for Honest Elections) is sponsoring the conference. The keynote speaker will be political scientist and psephologist, Malcolm Mackerras AO. Conference panellists will include:

  • Mark Latham, Former ALP Opposition Leader
  • Professor David Flint AM Emeritus Professor of Law
  • Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, Former MLC, Parliament of NSW
  • Bob Patching, Former senior official, Australian Electoral Commission

For too long, Australian elections have not been truly free and fair,” says Vote Australia president, Lex Stewart.

Many Australians know that something is wrong with the way our elections are being run. They are realising that close elections in marginal seats could be producing election results that do not reflect the true will of voters - results that cannot be trusted,” says Mr Stewart.

Vote Australia says problems were caused years ago by legislation that hasn't been fixed, and today we have mounting reports of irregularities and public suspicions about the quality and reliability of our elections.

The time has come for action. It’s time for people to tell our nation’s leaders to fix the problems so that Australian elections produce results Australians can trust,” says Mr Stewart.

The conference aims to inform Australians about problems affecting them when they vote, including when imposters vote in their names.


Contact: Lex Stewart, President, Vote Australia, Inc. 0424 077 746


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