Plebiscite Result Vulnerable To Counterfeit Votes

Results of the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite may be entirely unreliable due to the counterfeiting of postal votes, says Australian electoral reform group, Vote Australia Inc. 

Vote Australia says risk to the result of the plebiscite stems from legislation that hasn't been fixed.

It’s a fact that any person in any electorate can vote multiple times and those votes can influence voting results. The existing legislation makes enrolling to vote with multiple identities far too easy,” says Vote Australia president, Lex Stewart.

The concerns about the plebiscite are part of a campaign by Vote Australia to involve all Australians, political parties and community groups in demanding urgent reforms to electoral laws before public mistrust in election results deepens further.

The new campaign website,, identifies four specific weaknesses with Australian electoral procedures that could taint outcomes of the plebiscite:

  • Counterfeit votes
  • Faulty voter rolls
  • Faulty procedures
  • Protected Bureaucracy

This plebiscite is an opportunity for our nation’s leaders to focus on fixing the problems with our electoral system so that voting outcomes are free and fair for all Australians.” says Mr Stewart.

Vote Australia does not take a 'Yes' or 'No' position in this postal plebiscite. It encourages all Australians to vote honestly.


Contact: Lex Stewart, President, Vote Australia Inc. 0424 077 746


Vote Australia is a grassroots organisation of concerned Australians. Its Free and Fair campaign champions the rights of honest citizens to participate in elections conducted honestly and fairly and which produce results that Australians can trust. Vote Australia in no way condones or encourages people to break Australian laws. Vote Australia is not affiliated with any political party or organisation and receives no funding from government or from any other organisation. It is funded by public donation.


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