Voter Education


As we grow our new voter education program, Vote Australia will help everyone learn more about the following topics. We’ll be publishing education pages on these areas of Australian elections.


How does voting work?

  1. What does a vote mean?
  2. Three tiers of government (Federal parliament, State, Local)
  3. Preferential voting system - Understand how this works, and the advantages and disadvantages of the system for your vote. How are preferences distributed?
  4. Electoral boundary redistribution - How does it work and why does it happen?
  5. Responsibilities of a local member of parliament.

How do I vote?

  1. How to vote. Tips for polling for first time voters.
  2. Are you enrolled?
  3. How do you enroll?
  4. Compulsory vs non-compulsory voting.
  5. Electronic voting - Blockchain technology could be the future.
  6. Be informed: Meeting your local candidates


Add your name and let’s keep Australian elections free and fair.

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    Massive problems for many black voters though!

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