Voters told to do their homework before voting

A new video reminds voters to compare candidates carefully before voting in the 2019 Australian federal election.

The video campaign launched today by Vote Australia through social media encourages voters to "do their homework" by considering carefully what candidates say about themselves and their policies.

Vote Australia believes that many voters are being disadvantaged by incomplete information and inaccurate claims that take advantage of short attention windows on mainstream media and social media.

The video reminds voters that researching the background and policies of candidates is as important as doing research before choosing where to live, buying a car or booking a holiday.

The campaign encourages voters to study candidates running for election in the voters' electorates before making a final voting decision.

The video is circulating through social media for the federal poll on 18 May 2019 and will remain available on the Vote Australia website ( to remind voters for future elections.

Vote Australia is an incorporated not-for-profit public-interest entity registered in New South Wales. Vote Australia is not affiliated with any political party or organisation and receives no funding from government or from any other organisation. It is funded entirely by public donation and staffed by volunteers whose focus is helping voters navigate Australian democracy.


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