Faulty Procedures

The law says you can vote at any polling place in your electorate. Your name appears on every printed roll in every polling place on election day. A person can visit every polling place in their electorate and could vote up to 50 times in their own name without being prosecuted. If the voter gets an official letter demanding to know why they voted more than once, they can deny any wrong doing and avoid being charged because ballot papers are not signed by the voter so they cannot be traced to the voter. To cheat is too tempting.

Let’s tell our politicians to stop this racket. Tell them to pass legislation to bring in a master electronic roll that lets officials electronically mark voters’ names the first time they receive voting papers.


  1. For their convenience, voters can vote in any of up to 50 polling places in their electorate.
  2. However, so can imposters who enrol to vote in other people’s names.
  3. News reports confirm the fraud at every election and no one is being prosecuted.
  4. Restoring subdivision voting (voting at the polling place nearest to your home) can help discourage imposters from fraudulently lodging ballot papers in your and other people’s names multiple times at multiple polling places across an electorate.


Public trust in Australian elections is at risk.  Our democracy relies on that trust. Faulty procedures compromise free and fair election processes and undermine public confidence.

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    I totally Agree! Voting in Australia by paper is in my opinion is out dated, it’s time that the Australian Government Electorate is Updated to a Secure Identification Online Voting System.

    I went to vote on 18 May 2019 no ID was asked.

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    WE need to change the system if we are to have just one vote for one Party, in the UK the DUP received a total of just over 200.000 votes they won 10 seats, and control the government, two other Party’s received almost 4.000.000 votes each they won 1 seat, that’s the same as having a cricket match where 1 team has 11 players and the other team 168 players . in India the PM s Party received 200.000.000 votes said to be a landslide win, yet 700.000.000 did not vote for him, that’s how the one voting system works, the minority always win, and that is why there is so much corruption in politics,