Unwanted influences on the voting system

Vote Fraud

Vote fraud has many faces.  It can be people using fake identities, it can be people voting multiple times or it can be people tampering with physical votes.  It is an issue that is discussed whenever elections occur.

Do you think vote fraud can occur?  Tell us what you think. Join the conversation below.


Foreign Interference

People say it’s occurring and it’s in the news more and more.  Are you concerned? Tell us what you think. Join the conversation below.


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  • Bacon Lisa
    commented 2023-11-23 12:15:44 +1100
    Please I need your vote
  • P L
    commented 2022-06-21 08:27:18 +1000
    @Lesley_Beal the AEC has debunked that claim on their Disinformation Register page at https://www.aec.gov.au/election/disinformation-register.htm

    If you find the item "Dominion voting machines will be used and will be “rigged” to favour one of the major political parties" and follow the links you will see that voting machines have not been used in any Federal election and can not be used unless the Electoral Act is changed by a vote of Parliament. There is an old (pre-2016) Parliamentary Report that records an AEC recommendation that the Act be changed to allow the possibility of electronic voting should it be wanted in the future. The AEC makes it clear that 5hey did not mention Dominion or any other supplier in their submission; the reference in the report to Dominion comes from a submission the Dominion company made themselves.
  • Lesley Beale
    commented 2021-10-17 19:30:45 +1100
    I am very concerned the Dominion Voting machines were used in a trail in the last Australian federal election – after reading the info on the Australian parliament house page


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  • commented on Unwanted influences on the voting system 2023-11-23 12:15:44 +1100
    Please I need your vote

  • signed Mark Off Voters Electronically 2023-10-04 12:37:02 +1100
    This must be done to ensure that a voter casts only one vote, besides proposed changes in this petition there should be way for voter to cross check their voting status (voted/yet to vote) for every election event

  • commented on Compulsory voting 2023-09-14 22:49:29 +1000
    John de Wit, less empty negative comments please.

    I’m happy to answer real questions if you’re not yet clear how DCAP works to guarantee fair results. I sympathise – it took me ages to fully understand why current voting systems fail voters and then years to work out how to correct it and then to twig to the simple maths behind it and finally to be able to give simple examples that demonstrate it.

    E.g. it is not obvious that my DCAP system is correct when it will declare that Party D, of 4 parties standing, and with 45% first preferences is the winner despite Party A having 51% first preferences. But that is correct IF, repeat IF, in the election Party A had 49% of 4th (or LAST) preferences and party D had 55% of 2nd preferences. I have proved that particular case, no matter what preferences parties B and C get within the values I specified. Can anyone prove me mathematically &/or logically wrong there? No way! The correct Proportional results in a 100 seat electorate is NOT A=51 seats and D=45 Seats. The correct results is A=27 Seats and D=41 seats with B&C sharing the remaining 33 seats.

    So, it will not be a majority Government for A in its own right. Rather, it will be a minority government, of probably D in coalition with B or C; or, a slim chance of A running a minority government. Apart from the speculation of who will arrange a coalition; who can logically prove I’m wrong and that that voters preferences showed that they collectively wanted A as a majority government? It can’t be done unless you ignore voters’ clear collective preferences. The fact is that a marginal “absolute majorities” may be a real win; or, a travesty of electoral justice simply because Distribution of Preferences (AKA Instant Run Off) and First-Past-The-Post systems are inherently incapable of guaranteeing a fair result.

    I have proved that. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

  • commented on Compulsory voting 2023-09-14 16:55:04 +1000
    Peter Newland,
    Your arithmetic is very complex compared to a single vote for the party of your choice. There is no assumption that you should agree with every policy of that party. You just choose the party and candidate you think is best.