Voters invited to rate their voting day experience

Vote Australia today launched a 'Rate your voting experience' campaign through social media inviting Australian voters to rate and comment on...
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Five things to remember when you vote

Vote Australia today launched a video campaign through social media reminding Australian voters to remember five things when they go...
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Vale Bob Hawke

Vale Bob Hawke, our 23rd Prime Minister.

Voters told to do their homework before voting

A new video reminds voters to compare candidates carefully before voting in the 2019 Australian federal election.
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2019 Federal Election - Voting Options

If you cannot go to a polling place on election day, 18 May 2019, there are other ways to vote....

Vote Australia ramps up campaign for Voter ID

Vote Australia today launches a campaign that helps Australians demand that laws be passed to better protect voters’ identities from...
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    Massive problems for many black voters though!

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