Investigations into Electoral Fraud

Further resources investigating voter fraud and election manipulation:



  • 'The Frauding of Votes?' by Dr Amy McGrath (foreword by Bob Bottom), available here (ISBN: 9780959187991)
  • 'The Frauding of Elections' by Dr Amy McGrath, available here
  • 'Corrupt Elections' edited by the HS Chapman Society, available here (ISBN: 0958710406)
  • 'The Forging of votes' by Dr Amy McGrath, available here (ISBN: 0959187936)
  • 'The Stolen Election Australia, 1987 According to Frank Hardy' by Dr Amy McGrath




Channel 9 Investigation

Below are extracts on its "Sunday" and "60 Minutes" Programs of an investigation Channel 9 undertook into electoral fraud.

Ethnic branch stacking, Eddie Micallef vs Cambodian Hong Linh

Northcote "warehousing" of Sunshine voters

'Sunday Program' Cook Inquiry & liquor Trade Union Tony Sheldon

Victorian Election, Neville Harper

Quentin Cook attacked by Postal Union


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